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Tips & Information From LD Lawn Care

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

― Benjamin Franklin

Whether you choose LD Lawn Care for your lawn needs or enjoy maintaining it all yourself, the following ideas and guidelines are what we base our business decisions off of. We also believe these practices can create the beautiful landscapes we all desire while also ensuring we do our part to protect the environment. 

Proper Lawn Maintenance - From Cutting to Cleanup.

Proper maintenance of your lawn during the growing season may seem like a pretty straightforward, simple (yet time-consuming & labor intensive) task. While this can be true, following some general guidelines is essential to ensuring your lawn has every opportunity to thrive during the growing season. The following practices will maintain a healthy, hardy lawn while also being environmentally conscious... Continue Reading

Watering the Lawn - When and how much?

Whether you have an in-ground irrigation system or use above ground moveable sprinklers, proper watering practices can have an immensely positive impact on the overall health of your lawn. In contrast, poor watering practices can have a vastly negative effect on lawn health. Follow these general guidelines to ensure your lawn is able to stay as hardy and healthy as possible through the growing season and beyond... Continue Reading 

The Trees are Shedding... - What do we do with all of these leaves?

Proper handling of and disposal of yard waste throughout the year is crucial to protecting community resources and the overall environment. This is especially true in the fall. Following these simple guidelines can help protect our lakes and streams while maintaining a healthy, hardy lawn... Continue Reading

Winter Lawn Care - Time to kick back and relax, right?

It may seem like winter is time to forget about the lawn. It's dormant, you've spent countless dollars and hours maintaining it throughout the growing season. You may just want to take some time off and focus your efforts elsewhere. While the amount of time and efforts spent on your lawn will surely decrease during the winter months, there are still some general procedures to keep up with to ensure all of your hard work during the growing season wasn't wasted... Continue Reading

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