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Lawn Health Products & Services We Offer

The products and services outlined below may be combined or modified to fit each customer's individual needs. 

Pricing is based off of turf square footage and starts at $43.

Our 8-step lawn health program provides all the nutrients your lawn needs throughout the year to maintain optimal health, focusing on both soil and turf. 

Pre-Emergent Applications

These applications provide a barrier to prevent weed seeds (Crabgrass, etc..) from germinating (growing) in the lawn. Pre-emergent products may be applied multiple times throughout the year, typically starting in February/early March, depending on specific weather conditions and individual lawn needs.

Turf Type Specific Fertilizer Applications

Fertilizer gives your turf the nutrients it needs to achieve the lush, dark green, healthy appearance we all desire in our lawn. Whether a typical fescue lawn, bermudagrass, or combination of different turf types, we can customize a fertilization schedule to meet your individual needs and keep your lawn in pristine shape.

Organic Fertilizer Applications

If you desire a lush, green lawn using organic methods, we have a program for you. This plant-based, slow release fertilizer provides the nutrients your lawn and soil need without the use of traditional chemicals. This is more of a long-term approach, but when paired with frequent aerations and over-seeding can prove to be very effective at choking out weeds and creating a full, healthy lawn.

Soil Enhancement

These are a series of products that may be added to a fertilization/weed control program that really dial in on the health of your soil. These products include humic acid (Increases water infiltration and water-holding capacity of soil), Root-Growth Stimulator (Increases rooting and decreases stress pressure), Liquid Aeration (Loosens topsoil and promotes deeper rooting), MicroGreene fertilizer (Stimulates roots and assists in deepening the topsoil layer under the lawn), and liquid D-Thatch (Helps break down built up thatch in the lawn that can prevent nutrients from reaching the soil.

**Pro-Tip: Did you know that, contrary to popular belief, thatch does not result from grass clippings being returned to the lawn? Thatch is actually a tightly intermingled layer of living and dead stems, leaves, and roots which accumulates between the layer of actively growing grass and the soil underneath. Returning grass clippings to the lawn (i.e. mulching/side discharge) can actually provide the lawn with up to 25% of the necessary nitrogen needed to maintain a healthy, lush lawn.**

Post-Emergent Weed Control Applications

These applications eradicate unwanted weeds that find their way into your lawn. These applications will vary based on specific need, weather conditions, and time of year. We use fewer full turf area applications along with a spot spray method as needed that greatly reduces the amount of stress on the turf.

Grub & Disease Control

Whether you have grubs, brown spots, fungi, or other issues in your lawn, we will work with you to generate a plan of attack to address the problem at hand and eradicate it as quickly and non-invasively as possible.

Core Aeration

This service helps your soil and turf by pulling "plugs" from the lawn. These plugs leave behind holes in the soil that help alleviate soil compaction, promote deep root growth, and increase nutrient absorption.


This method is used to thicken lawns, which helps choke out weeds and create a lush carpet-like turf. This service is performed based on weather conditions and includes a starter fertilizer plus a slow-release fertilizer to promote proper, timely germination. Each customer will also be trained/assisted with proper watering techniques needed to maximize effectiveness.

Request a Quote

Click the button below to enter your information and quickly request a quote electronically.

We are also available by phone at (316) 621-0042 or email at

We guarantee a response within 24 hours (Monday-Friday)

Serving the Derby & Rose Hill Areas

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